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Wedding Planner Skills

Many friends back home in Germany asking me about my job: 

What are you doing in Greece?? – Well, I am a wedding and event planner?

And what are you doing exactly? Is the next question…

Superficially seen I help sorting out flowers and other wedding services, find a perfect venue and their availability, a cake, a DJ and for a legal marriage assisting with the paperwork and beeing there on the day to see that “everything is going well”…that’s it??!! Do you really think that this is my job??

Is this what a bride sitting in front of her laptop or phone searching for images about decoration and beautiful pictures of Santorini wants?? She just wants to pay someone to sort out a vision??

I don’t think that this is my job – yes it is a part of my job yes, but this is not the only thing that  I want to give you!

Being a wedding planner means a lot of more for me….



How much should I pay for wedding planner services?

This is generally a question which is not very easy to answer with just a number of Euros.

What are the main things you should have in mind to answer this question to yourselves and how can you budget with Euros obviously for this job?

How should you know if the wedding planner you are currently talking to will be good enough for your perfect day?

How can you make sure she is the right decision for you?

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