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Wedding Planner Skills

Many friends back home in Germany asking me about my job: 

What are you doing in Greece?? – Well, I am a wedding and event planner?

And what are you doing exactly? Is the next question…

Superficially seen I help sorting out flowers and other wedding services, find a perfect venue and their availability, a cake, a DJ and for a legal marriage assisting with the paperwork and beeing there on the day to see that “everything is going well”…that’s it??!! Do you really think that this is my job??

Is this what a bride sitting in front of her laptop or phone searching for images about decoration and beautiful pictures of Santorini wants?? She just wants to pay someone to sort out a vision??

I don’t think that this is my job – yes it is a part of my job yes, but this is not the only thing that  I want to give you!

Being a wedding planner means a lot of more for me….


If you have read the ‘about me” introduction on this webpage you have seen that the idea of becoming a wedding planner came out of a feeling I had at the end of my own wedding.

For me my job is passion, feelings and enjoying every single minute of this special day. Yes I really want the ladies out there and the grooms to be out there to enjoy and to always remember this day as one of their best moments in life!

Of course this means that in the wedding planning period we have discussed the wedding theme, which photographer would be perfect and how many layers of cake would be great..

Beside this – I have tried to build a relationship with you. We have talked many times and endless hours on whats app together. We shared maybe some of our daily experiences and also sent birthday and christmas wishes.

I have shared with you all my social media contacts and I am always 24/7 hours available for you no matter if it is weekend or if I am on holiday.

Doing this over 1-2 years is building a strong and trusting relationship between the bride and the wedding planner.

My goal is that you feel comfortable and in good hands – that you really believe that you have a person in Santorini, which is waiting for you and she will make your dream come true.

And by the way of course I will set up your wedding design and I will be there the whole day to see if everything goes well and you can just relax and enjoy the day because after such a long time speaking with me you know that I will do a good job!!

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