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Santorini’s unique beauty makes it one of the most perfect wedding spots not only in Greece or Europe, but all around the world! This island offers a unique combination of nature that cannot be found elsewhere. The wild scenery which lies under the blue sky, along with the white houses built on the edge of the caldera create a breath-taking synthesis of exquisite beauty. And as the day goes by and the sun sets, something magical happens: the island is “painted” with thousands of colors and the atmosphere is so astonishing that you feel like you are in a fairytale: the exact perfect place to be with your loved one and say “I do”! How could anyone think of a more perfect place for a wedding?

From the first moment I started planning weddings, my vision has been to help every girl, from all around the world, feel as happy as I did on my wedding day, by helping her organize the perfect wedding in Santorini.

Not only does it take creativity, exceptional organizational skills and knowledge of the island to be able to organize a dreamy wedding ceremony in Santorini, but also years of experience in managing special events. The team of Everafter Days that covers all aspects of organizing an event – from finding the wedding venue to arranging the couple’s and guests’ accommodation while on the island, owns the expertise and experience to make your dream happen!

Our passion and dedication for creating memorable moments for you and your loved ones are what drive us to offer you high quality services, tailor made upon your preferences and needs. Because above all, we are interested in what you want, how you have imagined your special day and how you would like to feel during and after your event!

To us, this is what makes a good event or wedding planner!

Creating tender, unforgettable memories of two people commencing their new life together under the Santorinian sky is what we aim to do. This is why we put all of our energy into helping you have a great time before, during and after your wedding in Santorini.

We would be more than glad and honoured to be a part of this moment!

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Our team’s aim is to offer you an integrated experience of high-quality services in Santorini, whether you are getting married on the island, having a special celebration or throwing a business event!

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