25 Jul 2015
Consulting services | Event Planning | Santorini

Planning an event can be a very demanding task, especially if it takes place in a different location than your own. Whether you are looking to plan a destination wedding or a corporate event for your employees, every aspect of the event – from the concept to any last minute detail – needs to be fully managed and supervised! That requires not only organizational skills but also creativity and of course, knowing the right professionals at the place where the event will be held. Are you starting to get nervous with the endless check-list?

A professional event planner can guide you at a specific aspect of the event or the whole of it, as they know best which parts need extra consideration and support.

If you are seeking a person who will provide you with useful advice regarding your special event, Everafter Days owns the experience and expertise to successfully support you.

Our consultation services can be conducted via Skype or telephone! We are also able to arrange a meeting at your preferred location.

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