09 Sep 2015
Wedding in Santorini 101 | Everafter Days

Destination weddings are very popular among couples lately. Santorini is one of the first choices for couples who want to get married away from home, as its landscape is spectacular.

The famous Caldera alone is an inspiration for couples who eventually come to the island for their wedding and their honeymoon combined. After all, thousands of couples from all around the world have said “I do” under the marvellous island sky in some of the numerous wedding locations in Santorini. For some, throwing their wedding in a place far from home is unbelievable, but it is indeed worth it!

Santorini offers great variety in terms of how a wedding will be planned: it actually depends on how the couple to be married has dreamed its big day. Although planning a religious wedding in a small, white chapel on the caldera can be quite hard nowadays, organizing the ceremony in a small, blue-domed white church in a picturesque village is always possible – given that both the bride and groom are orthodox.

Symbolic weddings are another possible option if you want to get married in Santorini. They are perfect for people who are not religious, and the perfect cause for your closest friends and family to get together in a big celebration in the most beautiful island in the world.

Following or not the customs of a traditional Greek wedding, Santorini is also ideal for a dreamy wedding by the sea, followed by a careless, fun beach party, with your choice of cocktails, finger foods and music. You can always enjoy a little swimming! There is a great number of beaches on the island, all unique for your very own wedding beach party, with or without suits and gala dresses!

No matter how you’ve pictured your wedding, no one can doubt that a wedding in Santorini is special! The amazing view from the caldera combined with the magical, well-known Santorinian sunset, will set the ideal scenery for the most important day of your life: Imagine walking into a fairy ceremony, in a beautiful spot, decorated with flowers, ribbons, candles and whatever it is that you want for your wedding to be dreamy!

The expert Everafter Days team is highly experienced in organizing the wedding of your dreams to the last detail!

Not only do we take care of the ceremony and every aspect of it, to make it perfect, but also for the wedding party. It all depends on what you want: Do you want to throw a big party with loud music until the morning? Or is a formal dinner with gourmet dishes in a fancy restaurant of Santorini your idea of a perfect after party?

Are you concerned about the food that will be served on your wedding party? If you want to try something different, you should definitely try the famous Greek cuisine – besides, Greeks know of good food! There are plenty of restaurants in Santorini that specialize not only in our traditional dishes, but also the modern and international cuisines!

As far as the bride is concerned, we acknowledge that, with all the stress and impatience for the wedding, she needs to be pampered! And which way is better than having her relax in a spa, having her hair and make-up done, to make her feel even more beautiful and peaceful!

The aim of our team is to create the most wonderful memories for you from your wedding in Santorini! However, since memories are probably not enough, we are also responsible for providing you with the best photographers and cinematographists, so that you can always go back to that feeling you had during and after the ceremony. Your personal wedding video and professional pictures will be able to transfer the magical feeling of your wedding to all those who couldn’t attend the ceremony.

As for when it is the best time of the year for a wedding in Santorini, then the period between May and September! Santorini is always sunny during the summer but it is also kind of windy. Nonetheless, this is not always a bad thing, as it relieves the couple and the guests from the heat.

Are you maybe concerned with the cost of such a wedding? The cost of a wedding in Santorini depends on your requirements!

Come and let us plan a perfect wedding for you!