22 Sep 2015
Top 5 honeymoon activities in Santorini | Everafter Days

You have just got married and your honeymoon is on! How are you going to spend your post wedding vacation with your loved one? Santorini could be the perfect destination for your honeymoon whether you are the type that just wants to lay back on the sun bed at the beach or you are someone who craves adventures and is willing to try something different!

  1. Explore Santorini with a private tailor-made tour

Every couple is unique, so the best way to get to know the beauties of Santorini is to find a local that will show you the best of the island at your own pace. You can opt for an all-day or half day private tour in Santorini with your significant other and get a real taste of the customs of the locals. Create your own, flexible tour across the island with SantoriniExperts.

Tip: Don’t forget to visit Thirassia, the unspoiled sister island of Santorini!

  1. Try Scuba Diving

If you love underwater sports, Santorinian waters is the ideal place for you. Dive with your love and discover together a magical scenery full of volcanic stones and formations. A different experience of a lifetime, scuba diving in Santorini should definitely be on your honeymoon checklist!

Tip: You can get a professional certificate in scuba diving by taking courses! Learn more about at the Dive Center.

  1. Go hiking

Follow the most amazing hiking path in Santorini which offers gorgeous view! The volcanic Caldera is the ideal surrounding for your excursion with your love and a great opportunity to discover all the traditional (and hidden!) paths of the island. You will also get to see Venetian castles and cave houses! Enjoy the natural beauties and capture these unique moments by taking photos with panoramic view to Aegean Sea and the historic volcano. From mountain up high to secret romantic beaches, Santorini offers a wide range of hiking trails, ideal for an adventurous honeymoon!

Tip: The best season for hiking in Santorini is from March to June and September to October, when you find the right temperatures for your activities!

  1. Enjoy the famous sunset in Oia

You can’t leave the island without having seen the world’s famous sunset! One of the many reasons why many couples visit Santorini, this unique sunset will captivate you and make you fall in love again! Choose a high spot at Oia village, lay back and enjoy the view. What else do you need for an ideal honeymoon?

  1. Wine tasting in Santorini

Complete your honeymoon vacation with a glass of Santorinian wine. Taste different types of local wines and learn more about the production by visiting a winery. Combine the fine wine with a traditional dish and get a unique taste of the local cuisine. A tasting adventure that will introduce you to food and wine culture of the island is definitely a must for a perfect honeymoon!

Tip: Try a romantic dinner at the terrace of a traditional winery with the breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea.