09 Sep 2015
Choosing a wedding planner | Ever after Days

Newly engaged and full of joy, you are now probably browsing all over the internet and numerous wedding magazines, searching countless hours for the best venue, for the perfect wedding dress that fits your style and the rest of the details you need to take care of! It goes without saying that your mind revolves around the big day!

Maybe you start feeling lost with all the check-lists and endless details, having so many decisions to make: is it going to be a destination wedding? If so, which is the best place? Or maybe you don’t even know any of the best places…

This is the moment that you and your fiancé consider hiring a professional wedding planner! Of course, this is not the easiest thing to decide! You are probably afraid of the potentially high costs – or maybe you don’t really want to assign all these responsibilities (and your dreams) to a complete stranger, do you?

Usually, most couples, after having searched on the internet, they start contacting locations and wedding planners at their preferred destination. A lot of locations now have an in-house coordinator, but not all of them have a real wedding planner! So you need to be very careful and ask them what kind of services they provide, as many of them often just handle daily issues and offer a list of their preferred vendors.

This is why, especially if you opt for a destination wedding, you will need not only a person to guide you, but someone who knows the location, a real local, so you can rely on entirely.

So maybe now, you start thinking that your own wedding planner will be a great help?

Even though hiring a wedding planner is an added cost, at the end they save you not only money but also time and stress! Read on to see exactly what you need to know for your wedding planning process and the questions you need to ask yourself first and the wedding planner!

Questions to ask yourself

Before hiring a wedding planner, it is important that you have an idea of your budget, how many people you expect at the reception, what kind of wedding you want to have and when you prefer to get married. At this point you don’t have to have figured out the exact wedding concept – this is you are hiring a wedding planner, after all! It is useful, though, for you to have these answers prepared, and get ready now to learn more about the person who will take care of your dreamy event.

Note: Remember, after contacting the wedding planner, ask yourself if you felt you had a real connection and if your idea of the wedding was taken in by the person in charge. This is the only way this cooperation will work.

The key questions to ask your wedding coordinator

Your wedding planner has a lot of questions for you too, as it is necessary for them to understand your wishes and dreams to be able to make them true! A good way to stay focused and understand if this person is the right choice, is to keep in mind that you also need to learn more details about the wedding planner.

Here are some important questions you need to ask your potential wedding planner:

  • Do you provide only wedding packages or do you provide custom and tailor made weddings?
  • Will you handle all aspects of the planning process or can we do some things on our own?
  • Will you be the person on site the day of the wedding or will it be someone else?
  • Will you stay on site after our wedding to make sure everything flows perfectly and all vendors have left the locations?
  • How many meetings, phone calls, skype calls etc. are included in your service fees?
  • Are we going to have a pre-wedding meeting with you? Is that an extra cost?
  • Will you help us through all the documentation or do we have to sort them out on our own?
  • Do you provide transportation and accommodation services for us and our guests?
  • What other services are included in your fee and what do we have to pay extra?


An important issue for every couple is, of course, the budget. That is why it is very crucial, from the beginning, to be clear about what you are expecting and give the wedding planner an idea of your budget! If you haven’t set a budget yet, ask the wedding planner to give you an idea and discuss further the details. A good wedding planner should be honest with you and clarify the fee they charge, as well as what is included.

After contacting a wedding planner – listen to your gut and ask yourselves if you feel you can trust and communicate with this person. If you don’t feel satisfied, maybe you have to find another wedding planner who will match better your needs and wishes, who will be more compatible with you and your fiancé. As you will spend a lot of time speaking with your planner it is very important to feel at ease with them.

If you feel you are on the same page, after agreeing with the conditions, you should get to know each other better!

Always keep in mind that you are hiring a wedding planner to organize the most important day of your life – so trust them! They should know your personal story, who you truly are and how your relationship is, so that they can organize something really amazing for you!

Remember: your wedding planner should be your “alter ego” with regard to this event!